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  1. BurnedToast Oct 20, 2012

    wow this place is dead *looks around*

    merged: 01-09-2013 ~ 11:28pm
    I thought we had more members, maybe it was just me.

  2. Ardith Mar 22, 2010

    sounds like a friendly group...

  3. weird12u Feb 21, 2010

    Gosh i have not been her ein awhile :|
    anywho i am here to support the place

    *thinks of way to make this place active and awesome*

  4. selemental Banned Member Dec 29, 2009

    hiii : D

  5. Vanished Banned Member Dec 14, 2009


  6. sasuke987 Banned Member Oct 28, 2009

    yes hold on...

  7. weird12u Oct 28, 2009

    sure, what we need are active members XD and we don't have many of those

    so that's step one, do you know how to get people active?

  8. sasuke987 Banned Member Oct 28, 2009

    (laughs) wow your really good
    I almost believe you there
    not lol

  9. weird12u Oct 27, 2009

    ... what do you think we are some soap opera

    *cries at sele-sele* i lost the baby and my huband died NOOOOO

    haha like my interpretation ?

  10. sasuke987 Banned Member Oct 27, 2009

    *looks at them bought*

  11. weird12u Oct 26, 2009

    *huggles* of coarse you are allowed here lol you like MADE this place

    don't cry *tears fall* you'll make me cry 0.T

    and welcome back :3

  12. selemental Banned Member Oct 26, 2009

    8o *is in awe*

    You guys liked it that much?! TwT *cries*
    *sobs* *cries* TwT *speechless* *cries*

    I decided to come back to MT because I rlly miss everyone TwT
    TwT *stares* is it ok? *rolls over* *cries*

  13. weird12u Oct 20, 2009

    miku!?!?! *hugs* it has been forever since i saw you over here @.@

    *bows* thank you for gracing us with your presence *shoots silly string at*

    like i am honestly THAT formal lol

  14. AngelSammy24ever Oct 19, 2009

    Hiya weird! I applied to! XD lol

  15. MiMi Oct 18, 2009

    hehe hello guys! remember me? (well, i dun think so, but anyway) I was one of the first members of the group! and i'm gonna miss sel! so I was jst passing by u.u

  16. weird12u Oct 15, 2009

    gosh, well i need some banners, i need someone who wants to do the T-A-S scoreboard... i need someone who can make backgrounds, because if i don't find someone fast i will have to do it myself.. and i can do it, but i can make css stuff... that's just too hard for me.. i collaborate images.. that's what i do

    i also need to know what kind of contests people would like
    to do.. i need also for people to do the contest i love

    Dress Up :) *look near the top of the page for rules and such*

    i made mine awhile and i will put it on my page as soon as i get time

  17. NovaBomb Oct 15, 2009

    hey CC i applied! lol

  18. AngelSammy24ever Oct 15, 2009

    is their any way i could possibly help?

  19. weird12u Oct 15, 2009

    yay :D... all right can you find anyone to make a background for the site? also i need someone who wants to do the Scoreboard, because i am not wanting to do it.. and i can't :'(

  20. sasuke987 Banned Member Oct 15, 2009

    okay lets build this place back up *straps a tool belt *

  21. weird12u Oct 05, 2009

    you can do it with me ^.^ i am good for sharing my zombies.. except for Ben, he's all mine and i REFUSE to share him MWHAHAHAHAHA

    ... hoo sorry for that outburst

  22. weird12u Sep 29, 2009

    no no no ^_^' i feel like it's some-what my obligation to do such... since i was like this at the old site.. now it's time for me to take care of this one

  23. weird12u Sep 17, 2009

    ... it' okay my fave one is over there *points in opposite direction*

    and hi ^.^ i take care of this grave site... it's so depressing :( i wish someone could save this place.. i loved it here

  24. weird12u Sep 11, 2009

    wow it's dead now a days, i hate to have to protect this place like i had to for past places *groans* sele-sele this is the second time i have become a zombie princess for your placs... but it's kinda fun *grins*

    time to send out my zombies =D

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